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First Day Back on the Job

What A Week!

This was my second week on the job. It’s been, once again, a rollercoaster ride to say the least. I’ve had my ups and downs and I am trying my diligence to work really hard to stay consistent. I cannot promise anyone any consistency as that was a breakthrough I had made during my leave. I simply am not consistent in my life.

First Week Back

The first week back was exciting, nerve-racking, and mind blowing. I managed to sit and listen to calls for the first half of the first day. Everything came flooding back to me immediately. There were some updates and things that had changed during the three month leave. I tried to pick up what those changes were and ask questions.

By day two, I listened to about two calls and was ready to take on my own. I sat with a ‘champion’ for the beginning of the morning. By afternoon, I was completely on my own once again. I was owning my calls. It was amazing. For my luck to be extra on point that day. Our online banking system wasn’t working properly in the afternoon and about 80% of my calls were, “I’m sorry for the inconvenience, however our online banking is experiencing technical difficulties.” That was all I had to say and disconnected the call. It was quick and it ran my call times low and my calls per hour super high.

I ended up with managing almost 13 calls per hour (cph) for the first day being back on the phones. Everyone was very impressed. I was very pleased myself.

As the week progressed, I had some ups and downs. Some hard moments, some easier. It was a lot of hard work to come up with all the updates on my own. I did not get much of any of a run down of the updates that happened while I was gone. Just a few moments to review the ‘desk drops’ that had been placed on the desk. I also had to scan through my emails quickly.

Otherwise, I was up and running fairly quickly. It was totally fine. I enjoyed my first week. I had some moments of regret of returning – I’m not going to lie. But I still had a good time seeing everyone. The move to the new call center was extremely stressful but I managed it well considering the situation of the entire process.

The Second Week

The second week was easier but also harder in the same aspect. I struggled to get into my groove Monday and Tuesday since we were in the new center on the next floor. I’m typically very hard with experiencing change in my life so anything that throws me out of my own loop takes a little bit of adjustment period. I think I averaged about 10 cph the first two weeks. Which isn’t bad for being back for only two weeks. That is actually way better than I had done prior to leaving. This proved to me that my leave of absence was more beneficial than I would have ever expected.

On Friday, I had my one-on-one with my supervisor. We didn’t have any data from the previous month to go over – obviously. I did get a red flag. I had a caller’s granddaughter call in to get access to online banking account and was acting as though she was the customer. I was suspicious the entire call and even went as far as disabling the account at a point. I couldn’t reach anyone on the help lines so I ended up verifying even more and more information and they were able to provide it, so I assisted them. -shrugs- Mistakes were made, I made them, lesson learned. I’ll move on.

Honestly, that is my thought process this time around. If I make a mistake, so be it. No one is perfect, and by golly, I’m farthest from it. I have never been perfect, I never will be. Therefore, I will never be able to live up to the perfection expectations that they want from me. I have to tone down their expectations for me. They have witnessed me run circles around that place and have some really bad days. They want consistency but there is no such thing in this life of mine.

Overall, things are well.

Overall, I cannot really complain about much else. I have had some extremely stressful days. I have been cussed out. I have had people call me a stupid bitch. I have had one customer tell me that I don’t need to provide her what I think my ‘education would be because I’m far from educated and what I think is an educated thought, isn’t.’ As any call that a customer is disgruntled, it’s hard to cope with. However, I’m kinda just getting back in the saddle and, even with all the progress I have made, the ONE thing I forgot was to allow things like THAT roll off my back. I need to remember to do so and things will run more smoothly.

I have some goals to work towards. They want to get me to the point of consistency to apply for the Senior Rep position. They want me at that point because they all know I’m capable of providing assistance to do so. I know I’m ready as well. I have two more tiers of training that need to be processed and then I have the training aspect of things in. I have the experience required. I just need time to show what I’m worth. Since I have a goal, I guess unless something REALLY catches my eye. I’m going to stick it out. I really like the people I work with. I have great perks and benefits. They’ve pulled SO many strings to keep me around. They’ve been amazing to me. It’s the stress of the JOB itself that I struggle with that. I’m going to have that anywhere I go so I need to learn how to cope with it here and move through it and hope for the best.

Also, my new desk is aaaaaaaaamazing!

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    Sheri Says :

    March 25, 2019 at 12:06 pm

    It’s great that there’s an opportunity to move up. Will it be less stressful?

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