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And the verdict is in!

The verdict is in. We ended up going with the couch from the small local shop. It’s a Canadian made couch by a company called Decor-Rest. It’s a very firm couch but comfortable to us. We don’t completely sink into it and it’s absolutely lovely to sit in.

Unfortunately, Mike will not allow me to cross my legs or tuck my leg underneath me whatsoever, so that’s going to drive me crazy!

Here are pictures of the couch at the store. Unfortunately, the upload of my pictures from my phone didn’t copy over to my computer so I’ll have to look into that later and update the post then.

Our new Decor-Rest couch from Biltrite.
Our new Decor-Rest couch from Biltrite.
Our new Decor-Rest couch from Biltrite.

So that is our new couch! Isn’t it beautiful!? 😍 I know it’s just a couch, but it’s the second most expensive purchase we’ve made for furniture together -first being our mattress which is still perfectly fine but nearly 10 years old.

I really wish the pictures would have transferred from the house into my phone.

However, there it is. In all of it’s glory. It’s incredibly hard to sit in it the correct way. Although, I really don’t want to wreck this one by sitting on it incorrectly and messing up all the cushions.

Anyway, I have a few more things to write about including some updates about work and how things are going there.

What are your thoughts? Look good? Good choice? What’s the next piece of furniture you HAVE to buy next?

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    Sheri Says :

    March 25, 2019 at 12:09 pm

    If you’re not wearing shoes, how does sitting like that ruin the cushions? We have ancient furniture and it’s so uncomfortable. But Greg doesn’t like soft couches. Oh well.

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