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Large purchases make for hard decisions!

Aren’t they? Couches are a big purchase to make. They’re a hard purchase at that! We’ve been couch shopping for over a month now. Let me tell you, I have sat on and gotten up from at least 60 couches recently.

Mike and I are ready to make yet another large purchase together. Together, as in a married couple who simply need to spend a lot of money on their home. This time we really don’t know what to do!

We could easily go two routes. We could either A. purchase a disposable couch and loveseat set that is cheap and disposable at that point. Hope it lasts at least a year or two, hope for the best without a warranty, and just buy new again in a few years. OR B. Since there isn’t ANYTHING made of quality anymore, we risk buying something much more expensive, with a much better warranty, and have it for at least five years because that’s how long the cushion warranty is. Seriously, when you’re making a decision like that, it’s a really tough call. Cheap and disposable? OR Expensive and HOPE it’s made slightly better, but much like everything else, ultimately disposable as well because quality just isn’t real anymore.

There is one particular couch we’re looking at. It’s at this family owned store that we’ve purchased from before. In fact, we’ve purchased there a few times now. It is where we had bought our last set of couches and also where we got our mattress.

Now with that being said, our mattress is nine years old and we still have no problems with it. With that also being said, our couch(es) lasted us not even four months before I serviced them. I also serviced them three additional times until the warranty ran out. Now, back then, we were naive and thought “WOW! One thousand dollars for two couches, that are exact the colors we wanted would be perfect!” Oh, how little did we know.

To give you an idea of how different this time around is: the man at the other local, larger, furniture store came and mosied his way into our sales corner and thought ‘ha, young couple, easy sale’. “Can I help you folks?!” “No, just shopping around” as we sit on a couch pondering it.

“Well, what color are you looking for?” Again, HA! Color, we’re not here for the color. That told us two things I’ll explain later. I responded with a general answer of, oh it’s not about color, it’s about a much larger span of criteria. He realized we were a hard sell. I asked about the Wilson and he had no idea what we were talking about. “Let me check the computer!” He scurried off. I very quickly found the Wilson and sat down. This was the one we had looked at the previous time we had come to the store.

So, I get up and immediately walk over to another couch and give the back cushion a tug. Attached. Nope! I keep walking on. We get back to the Apex. This particular couch was the very first one I found online. I had come across it about three hundred times again after that. We had sat on it at both stores. I continuously came back to it. Good warranty. Within a good price range, although, it was cheaper. I was going to show you a picture of that, however, it’s no longer on their website. 🤔 Odd.

We pondered it for a great while. Joe asked us once again if there was anything he can help with. We realized later we should have asked him what he knew about the couch. We obviously knew quiet a bit since we had viewed it multiple times on the website and in the store from reading the little description. How much would he know that wasn’t on that little card? We ended up leaving.

On the way home, we decided what we’re ultimately going to get. We thought to ourselves, if we walk into that small, little family owned store once again, we’re going to, once again, purchase another couch. This time a little more expensive than our last two. This time from the opposite/quality side of the store. And this time, with a much higher rating and better warranty. This time with a BRAND NAME, which we can physically search for reviews online and have their own store and Facebook page with ratings. Yes, we do believe we have made a choice.

I’ll give you a little sneak peek… but until we make that purchase, you’re just going to have to stay tuned.

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    Sheri Says :

    March 25, 2019 at 12:11 pm

    No wonder you were concerned about me, I’m so behind on reading your posts!

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