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My Michael's Recollection Lexington IKEA Raskog knock-off cart all set up with lots of hacks.

I picked up my planner cart from Michael’s!

I finally did it, everyone. I’ve been only talking about it for years! First, I laid eyes on a cart at IKEA years ago. It was the Raskog cart. Everyone was using them and they are great tools for crafting and such. Some people have even turned them into a mini bar or a cleaning cart! How original!

While these carts have a million uses, and I had one specific use in my mind. I wanted a planning cart! I have looked at what seemed like everyone in the planning community with one. How beautifully decorated they were! Little knick-knacks and personal touches in each and every cart! I knew I had to have it as well!

Once the popularity grew with the IKEA Raskog carts, therefore a lot of other companies started making them as well. They are all the same concept. It’s a three-tier cart on wheels. Although, Walmart’s brand hasn’t dropped in price anywhere close so, no such luck, though.

My Must Have Accessories

Dollar Tree Haul for my Planner Cart accessories
All of these items were sitting in the corner of my living room inside of a bag on the floor! What a mess! A planner cart was a must!

First, my stop to Dollar Tree was a must! I picked up some goodies that included some teal baskets that would sit well in the cart. Hoped they would fit since I had no idea how big the actual carts was. Another must-have was the little magnetic tins that attach to the metal perfectly.

After I had bought those and a few other things from around the house that I knew would be just perfect. I collected two cans that I had bought at the Target One Spot years ago. They are gray, teal, and turquoise – perfect for the baskets I had bought. Also, I had many large binder rings that would work perfectly for a washi tape holder or my Happy Planner discs!

My michael's planner cart haul including Valentine's Day stickers for $0.30.
My Michael’s Craft store haul including some Valentine’s Day stickers that weren’t marked for $0.30 and a beautiful little locket charm for my necklace that I bought myself.

Once I’ve decided I didn’t want to drive to IKEA and probably spending more on non-essentials, I took the short trip to Michael’s craft store and I found some goodies that weren’t on my list. A whole whopping extra $5 in about ten sticker books and a necklace charm later, I walked out with a planner cart and a few non-much-less-expensive-essentials.

My review for the Michael’s Lexington Recollection cart setup and installation:

My Recollections Lexington Michael's planner cart.
My Recollections Lexington Michael’s planner cart all built!

After a while, I deciding to go with the black model of the Michael’s Lexington Recollection cart, and not the grey. It was just a matter of setting up this beauty. In a matter of about ten minutes time, I had her all set up and ready to pack!

Set up was a breeze. Eight little screws that I twisted in by hand. Once the racks and the screws were attached to the poles, I just had to add the wheels. There was a little wrench that came to ensure the wheel’s nuts and bolts were properly attached. The whole thing had a total of eight (8) poles, (2) bottom poles to hold the wheels, four (4) wheels, three (3) shelves, nine (9) screws, included an extra, and (4) bolt toppers to add to the top of the bolts for a finishing touch. The cart was complete!

Now, I had to add all the final touches to it. I added the little teal baskets, my magnetic tin circles and added my favorite tabs and paperclips inside. Finally, I took everything from my duffel bag, my table, and whatever was sprawled across the floor and rearranged it on the cart.

Surprisingly enough, I didn’t contemplate too much placement or decision making. I threw everything on the cart. I arranged and removed a few items. And then, I sat back and gawked at my new favorite item in the living room! It held everything I had that was making a mess across the floor. It was amazing!

Here is my beautiful planner cart in all of it’s quick, thrown together glory.

My Michael's Recollection Lexington IKEA Raskog knock-off cart all set up with lots of hacks.
My Michael’s Recollection Lexington IKEA Raskog knock-off cart all set up with my Dollar Tree hacks.

A quick description as to what is shown:

Top Shelf

Attached to the sides are my turquoise, teal, and gray tins from the Target One Spot section. Inside the tins is just some miscellaneous pens, pencils, scissors, and then I attached my favorite skinny washi tape and Happy Planner discs. Also, I added my two mini Planners that hold my extra months for my everywhere-you-go, purse planner. To the right of that, I have my every day four-in-one Happy Planner Classic. Behind that is the drawing tablet that Mike got me for Valentine’s Day.

Second Shelf

The second shelf holds one of the teal … ok, it’s more turquoise as well … Dollar Tree bins. Inside of that bin holds some of my extra papers, folders, and my Mini Happy Planner, My Micro-Mini-Mini (homemade creation) Mini Happy Planner, and finally my homemade micro Mini Happy Planner. I also have some Classic Happy Planner sized half sheets that are laid inside of there as well. These simply haven’t made it to my half sheet planner, which can be seen on the bottom self in the black plastic discs.

To the right of the turquoise bin is my two big size Happy Planner and Recollection Family planner. Neither of them really fit there and I will more than likely change the layout of those but for now, they work. The Big Happy Planner is the No Drama Llama planner with the rose gold hard cover in the rose gold discs. I use it as my goals planner for the month. However, for February, I have really been slacking on the goals. For that matter, I’ve really neglected both of those planners.

Bottom Shelf

Finally, the bottom shelf holds all of my actual put together planners. All the way on the left side, which is hard to see is the miscellaneous coloring sheets that I’ve had printed forever. Next to that is the homemade sticker book that I used to put together all my ‘ruined’ sticker books that I wasn’t positive how to store when I first got them.

The two minidisc Classic-sized Happy Planner are my Happy Notes. The black discs that are kind of hard to see are my Happy Planner half-sheet planner. And finally to the right of that, in the silver discs, is my archived from the previous months. I can guarantee that my two other classic planners from upstairs that hold my future classic months for my everyday planner will be brought downstairs.

On the left hand side you will see a secondary turquoise bin which holds all my stickers from my haul at Michael’s today. It also holds two of my pencil pouches or make-up bags that hold my random stickers that I had received from a friend and/or that I had bought from various ETSY shops.

Final Thoughts

There ya have it. My little planner cart. I’m sure I’ll update you with many more pictures of how things change and evolve as I put things in and together for it. I really just wanted the giant mess off my floor. I’m sure I will get upstairs in my sanctuary and find a lot more to be added to my planner cart.

What else can I add to my little cart? If you have one yourself, what’s your favorite thing to add? Do you have a favorite hack?

∞♥; Nikki

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    Sheri Says :

    March 25, 2019 at 12:14 pm

    Wow! That’s some impressive organizing!

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