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The past, present, and future of Eternal Amour

The Future Of Eternal Amour

I’m unsure of what is next for E T E R N A L A M O U R

I love this site. This is a staple in my life or was. I’ve had this website the entire existence of Mike and my relationship. Almost fourteen entire years to own ONE website for me is absolute insanity. 

Here is my dilemma. What do I want for EA? What do I want for this website, for the future, and most importantly, what do I want it to do for me, and for others. 

I think ultimately what I will decide to do is open it back up. No more hiding. No more private posts. If people find me, it will be alright because I’ll be vague enough to not post anything discriminating. 

I want to ask myself the following questions and be more MINDFUL of the way I write and who, what, where, why I write. 

  • Would this affect another person if I were to write about it in any way?
  • Can this be used against me in a negative way? 
  • Is it honest, and perhaps opinionated, but not in a way that would be taken the wrong way by the wrong person that would immediately affect me in a way that wouldn’t be positive? 
  • Does it have value? What would someone take from it if they were to read it? 
  • Would you want a complete stranger piecing these together to learn about yourself – how much are you sharing that is too much

Although my biggest concern is people learning about my life who should be asking me in person about my life instead of only reading it on a screen. People who I know in real life and who simply resort to reading it then bringing it up. I guess that comes with blogging, right? 

I want to connect with those who don’t know me, without disconnecting with those who do. I want to be mindful of what I write to ensure that it doesn’t affect relationships or become toxic with those who I know and love but also in a way that will allow me to reach those who I may or may not help. 

How do you find the balance in that? 

I guess I have some things to think about… until then, I will continue to work on an idea of where to start … or finish Eternal Amour. 

What are your thoughts on publicly sharing your life online? What kind of worry or concern is there about it now? What would remain private and would be open to the public? What should I ask myself before posting anything? Would this be considered something that’s a good public post to start with? Am I hiding something in this post? These are all questions I need to consider. 

Your input would be greatly appreciated. I have many who I follow who are very open on IG and FB with their entire lives, children, families, money, budgets, etc. There’s a privacy about them, but what is too much? I’m too black and white with my life that stuff like this is puzzling for me. 

Thanks in advance for any advice you may have on this! 

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