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A Brand New Beginning for Eternal Amour

Well, here we go again. I am deciding to restart my blog once again. Start over, brand new, a fresh start once more. 

If you read my previous post, I’ve only done this a countless hundred times. You know how when you rearrange a room, you do a deep, thorough clean of the entire room. Go through everything, get a good vacuuming, pick everything up, declutter and everything finds a home? That’s exactly how I feel when I wipe my blog out, of course, I archive everything first, and start over fresh and new. 

So, here is to a new beginning once more. 

Somethings you’ll notice that has changed about EA: 

  • No more password protection. I’m done hiding. I am going to be more mindful of my writings and sharing. Obviously, personal means personal and I’m going to be sure to only share what I want to be public. 
  • A brand new theme, look, etc. I have decided to reinvent an entirely new layout. No more planner look. No more dark glitter. I’m going to post a screenshot of how it looks today. Therefore, when I look at it in the future, I can see exactly how it evolves again. 
A screenshot of what my website looked like as of today.
My site as of the 02/23/2019 revamps of Eternal Amour.
  • It is extremely plain. Which, I absolutely love by the way. I, of course, made a personal touch to add to it by adding my long-time standing header image. 
  • Everything prior to this is gone. It is safely archived in a private place. It’s saved in multiple places as well so I should have a copy at all times. 
  • There are brand new categories. Notice, not a whole lot of room for negativity. 

So the brand new Eternal Amour, what does that mean for the website? 

There are going to be some changes to the website and how I post. 

  • There is going to be much more positivity and outlooks of life that aren’t so misunderstood by so many. 
  • I am going to put in my opinions to how I may feel about something but it’s open for all discussion. 
  • I am only going to share what needs to be shared about my life. Now that I finally realized it’s either be private and leave it open for all interpretation or public with being reserved. 
  • There will be some censoring when it comes to names, individuals, and other forms of anonymously posting. 
  • There is going to be a lot more diverse content instead of just writing here as though it’s a diary. It’s going to be about life and the outlooks for living it. It’s going to be about the lessons I’ve learned through the years. It’s going to be a 30-something-year-old, finally married, mother of two boys who just need to rant at some points.  

It’s going to be fun! I promise. So, check back again soon. I’ll try to post as much as I can now that I’m excited about it once again. There are some links to check out as well. 

Want to learn more about how Eternal Amour came about, why not read about it in my About Eternal Amour page?  I also plan on adding some recipes and lifestyle tips and such. I want to live a fun and personal life while still keeping this blog alive! 

I do hope you join me on my journey! Please, leave a comment and show me some support. What would you love to see me write more about at EA? If you know me well enough already, what would you like to learn about me or something I’m interested in? 

Thanks for stopping by. 

∞♥; Nikki

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