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Monday, August 13, 2018 at 9:53 pm

[Work] 9:15 am until 6:15 pm

Important Events

Confirm Pdoc appointment for tomorrow
Received call from HR about the survey. EEK! They're calling back tomorrow.
Championing from start to finish of shift. Take the trainee's breaks.

Schedule & Adherence

[Work Schedule] = 09:15 am to 06:15 pm
[Break Time] = 10:30 am (hers)
[Lunch Time] = 1:07 pm - 1:37 pm -- Mandatory 30 minute reduced lunch.
[Believed Adherence Grade A-F] = I wasn't signed in the entire day.

August 2018
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Work Life = Money
One Main Focus Will Bring Many Successes

Look in to that 1:51 minute call. Had no show of it recurring, unfortunately. I seriously cannot remember having it.

Hours Worked and a Job Well Done

8:37 hours total.
Total hours this week: 16:43 hours.

Something Good Comes From Each and Every Day

I received multiple compliments from co-workers, and even a new hire, that I was amazing at what I did and there was no reason why I couldn't be a team lead. ♥

I Was Able to Overcome!

I managed to train two people at once, then receive an awesome compliment from our new trainee.

Home Life = Full Circle Balance
Continuous Effort To Do Your Best EQUALS Perfection!

I worked on being efficient when training, providing correct, quick information and help as much as possible while being adherent.

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$5.07 at Pick 'N Save for a deli-type luncheon for myself due to my reduced lunch. I should have gone to Starbucks and gotten caffeine instead.

self care = happiness/peace
Always Get A Good Nights Sleep

I think I got a solid 06:30 hours or so last night.

How Many Times Can I Ride This Rollercoaster?

Fairly good mood today. I was very busy which made for a very good day. Tomorrow I have off! Woo hoo!

Happiness Is Key - How Did You Make Yourself Happy?

I colored for a little while and decided that wasn't doing anything for me, so I decided since FTP decided to fix/update their program so I believe I can fix my website now. Hooray!

You Cannot Give To Others When Your Cup Is Empty

Nothing. I did absolutely NOTHING healthy for myself today. I had a soda, I had coffee. I need to take a shower. Which I'll do tomorrow before the DMV.

summary of my day

Today was one of those days where you were really irritated, but you still had little things that happened that made the day OK. It continued to have little things that irked the hell out of you, only with a few little sweet things in the middle of it as well; it’s actually very hard to explain.

I ‘championed’ for the entire day. I checked on my email and found out I basically cannot update any information for my name until I receive my social security card. Tomorrow I am going to the DMV with the information I have in hopes that the DMV will provide me a license with my new name (thus the shower, I have to look alright for my new picture). I think this is the first time I actually put my real weight on my d/l. Haha.

We had a ‘mandatory’ 30-minute lunch which wasn’t brought to my attention until I was a.) finding out I was taking her lunch and b.) she told me it was only 30 minutes. I really wish I would have jumped into the car and went to Starbucks instead of the grocery store. I had zero patience. My phone had gone off about four times during the morning. Mike was in a poor mood this morning and I was worried about him. And every time I was trying to either train something that wasn’t already trained or be on a call, I was interrupted or told: “you have to stop being in not-ready”. Sigh, how am I supposed to train things that haven’t been trained, but yet not transfer it out because they need to know how to do it, all at the same time? I have no clue.

Tomorrow, I have the day off work. Yippee!!!

Tomorrow morning, I plan on waking up at my normal time – 5:30 or so – no matter what time I end up asleep tonight. I don’t have the intention of staying up way too late, but knowing me I’ll see something shiny and end up distracted. Tomorrow after Mike leaves, I have to jump into the shower and get ready for going to the DMV. I plan on going when they open around 8:30 and get in and out of there provided that my SSN is updated with the correct number. It should, most things indicated to give it 24 hours, I’ve heard one 48 hour time frame so I’m not too overly concerned.

I have a pdoc appointment around 3 pm tomorrow afternoon that I have to drive to the other side of town for. At some point, I do also have to get gas because I think I’m above 1/3 of a tank and

I hate getting it that low. That will more than likely be after the DMV. They’re both in the opposite direction from one way or the other on my road. One is about 0.6 miles west from my house and the other is 2-3 miles east from my house on the same road. I’ll figure it out, I’m sure.

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