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Today is a brand new day.Aspire for more.Take chances.Be amazing.Pursue your passion.Believe.Have fun.Be Brave.Never give up.Make a difference.Work hard.Embrace kindess.Live your dream.Love well.Stay strong!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 at 7:04 pm

[OFF] Flex Day from work weekend.

Important Events

08:30 am - go to DMV and get new driver's license w/ all the documentation 03:15 pm - Pdoc appointment 05:10 pm - Go to Walgreen's to pick up scripts 05:40 pm - Pick up Papa Murphy's for dinner

Schedule & Adherence

See [today's important]. No work schedule for today.

August 2018
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Work Life = Money
One Main Focus Will Bring Many Successes

Driver's license! I was successfully able to obtain one being sent in the mail (3-10 business days) Ugh!

Hours Worked and a Job Well Done

00:00 - Flex Day. Gonna have overtime this week though.

Something Good Comes From Each and Every Day

I spent time with Mike and made it through the DMV was able to successfully obtain a d/l. Hopefully my phone calls brings positive things to change, and nothing negative.

I Was Able to Overcome!

Made a very difficult phone call - but I said what I said - I have to stop living my life with regret all day

Home Life = Full Circle Balance
Continuous Effort To Do Your Best EQUALS Perfection!

Just get done what you can get done today, it is what it is. You have the whole weekend to get stuff done as well.

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... might be deleting this as well. We'll see.

self care = happiness/peace
Always Get A Good Nights Sleep

02:28 hours total.

How Many Times Can I Ride This Rollercoaster?

Overall, ALL over the place. I stopped Abilify a few days ago because I thought I was out - turned out to have about 10 pills left in my bottle so I have no idea what happened there.

Happiness Is Key - How Did You Make Yourself Happy?

I colored and spent my entire, very early morning coloring with coffee and music since I had gotten up so early.

You Cannot Give To Others When Your Cup Is Empty

Coloring, shower, make up, very nice photo for my d/l (see featured photo for today)

summary of my day

[Ya know, I really don’t want to talk about today.]

Sum it up, I feel like I annoy people.

I had a very difficult phone call to get through – I simply can only hope for the best to happen.

… I just had a rough day. I have the medication to turn that around with the knowledge that the medication HAS to be taken in the A.M., not P.M. because it’s a stimulant, where the pharmacy told me it would make me drowsy. Which could explain why I was able to sleep a solid 7-8 hours those two nights I wasn’t taking it. I’m going to take it tomorrow morning and see what happens.

Otherwise, we’ll see how the week goes.

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