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Today is a brand new day.Aspire for more.Take chances.Be amazing.Pursue your passion.Believe.Have fun.Be Brave.Never give up.Make a difference.Work hard.Embrace kindess.Live your dream.Love well.Stay strong!

Thursday, July 26, 2018 at 9:28 pm

[Work] 9:15 am - 6:15 am

Important Events

  • Must check your paycheck
  • Nick to school. Mikhail to the zoo NOT camp.
  • Try your ABSOLUTE best!
  • Schedule & Adherence


  • Work 9:15 am - 6:15 pm
  • Break: 11:30 am
  • Lunch: 2:17 pm - 3:17 pm
  • July 2018
    S M T W T F S
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    Work Life = Money
    One Main Focus Will Bring Many Successes

    Try to do your best with all the variables of L.I.F.E on top of everything else going on at once.

    Hours Worked and a Job Well Done

    8:03 hours total.

    Something Good Comes From Each and Every Day

    I had a pretty solid good day today. I did take quite a bit of call and I showed my trainees a lot of great things that can help them. I also heard a lot of indication that I may be getting a promotion possibly so I'm going to keep my ears opened for that.

    I Was Able to Overcome!

    Home Life = Full Circle Balance
    Continuous Effort To Do Your Best EQUALS Perfection!

    Don't worry about the feedback; it's there to provide you to be better.
    Fine tune you to be exactly who you are needed to be, much quicker than anticipated.

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    Tomorrow is pay day!

    self care = happiness/peace
    Always Get A Good Nights Sleep

    3 hours and 8 minutes
    This is a HUGE problem. Yikes!

    How Many Times Can I Ride This Rollercoaster?

    Exhausted. My stomach was very upset today. With three hours of sleep, I think my thyroid is out of whack again. The endo's response to my treatment was less than par.

    Happiness Is Key - How Did You Make Yourself Happy?

    Writing this blog is my happiness for today. Including rolling down the windows, get some fresh air, and cranking the tunes in my new car. Can't get much better than that. [I didn't do much in 'this made me happy] today. Just no time.

    You Cannot Give To Others When Your Cup Is Empty

    Took my time today. Including far too much personal time that was much needed because my stomach was very upset.

    summary of my day


    Reset was my 2018 “word of the year”. It had the intent for me to overcome my anxiety that I was experiencing. The thought process of using the word “reset” as my word was to do the following:

    • Stop
    • Deep breath
    • Clearly RESET your mind
    • Second deep breath

    This would stop me, at any time, to allow myself time to reset my mind when things were rushing so quickly and my anxiety got the best of me.

    However, reset has been something much more different. In fact, 2018 has been an absolutely crazy rollercoaster ride. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

    I actually think that my 2018 word of the year has taken over its own meaning. My entire life has RESET. Everything has been undone, redone, or turned upside down. It’s hard to explain but none of these things have necessarily have been a bad thing.

    … I guess that’s all I really had to say. Today’s been a really weird day. I’m also really tired. I would explain more, but I’m more interested in a good solid entry so I can start coding some more and getting this layout completed.

    Thanks for the patience while I worked through everything.

    P.S. A promotion may be in my future? I’m not sure. We will see what is ‘reset’ in our future.

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