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Today is a brand new day. Aspire for more. Take chances. Be amazing. Pursue your passion. Believe. Have fun. Be Brave. Never give up. Make a difference. Work hard. Embrace kindess. Live your dream. Love well. Stay strong!
Monday, July 9th, 2018 at 02:53 am UTC
Weekend Off
Important Events
  • Pick up scripts.
Schedule & Adherence
    Off Work Today
July 2018
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One Main Focus = Many Great Successes
Try to be as productive as you can. If it means working on your website and finishing it; that's your productivity for the day. Laundry is there somewhere is pretty important. Do your best.
Who you are tomorrow begins with what you did today
  • [X] Grocery shopping
  • [X] Laundry (all our work clothes completed
  • [X] Cleaned up a little bit of the house
  • [X] Got some of our camping plans all figured out
  • [X] Expressed some concerns and thoughts with Mike and allowed myself to open up to hopefully move towards resolutions
  • [ ] Make a huge dent on my planner and make it functional to start posting
  • [ ] Dishes
  • [ ] Meal prep for the week
  • [ ] ... or at least lunches to pack for the week
  • [ ] Get a good indication of what else we need from Walmart for camp
  • Do something to make you happy
  • Coding
  • Shopping with Mike
  • Having a long discussing with Mike to get out some things that needed to be out,
  • Don't give from an empty cup
    A lot of tears and crying. I got off my check some of the monsters that are running through my head all day long for the past few weeks. I confirmed the suspicion of the possibility of Mike doing something special was absolutely untrue. I checked myself and my reality... and I learned very quickly where to bring myself back down to earth. -- Coding today helped as well.
    Strive For Continuous Improvement, Not Perfection
    Complete the damn site until it's functioning... tweak and change everything as it continues to go on. Just must remember back up all files before making massive changes!
    Workday Requirements
      No work today!
    Job Well Done
    0 hours
    Day Off!
    • Approximately $225 for groceries. One week + camping for the weekend. Also, a lot of included household items included. Some clothes for the boys for school were included.
    To-Be added for the next day off
    • Have all duffle bags packed
    • All backpacks and camping totes packed.
    • Leave by 8 am at latest.
    • Paul Bunyan
    • Enjoy camp AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE
    Positivity can be found in each day
    Mike and I had a nice morning. We went shopping together. I ruined our entire afternoon/evening with being a basket case, in the end, my truthful words, helped him to open up a few truthful words himself. I feel like we know what each other's expectations are and hopefully going to the right direction.
    Good Night's Sleep
    7:13 hours
    Went to bed at 1:30 am
    Mood Summary
    Completely A-WOL
    Seriously WTF is going on with me!?
    Things of important for Nick
    Nick was woken up early this morning to re-do his entire dressers and clothes. I had provided him many opportunities to get this done over the past few weeks. Most of his clothes that no longer fit or that he will wear are now put away. He has about two loads of laundry of stuff that still needs to be gone through but we'll see what else needs to be done. He lost tablet/Xbox wifi today.
    Things of importance for Mikhail
    Mikhail was very empathetic today. He helped me out a lot during housework and chores. He did some playing outside with Nick. We got what he needed for camp for lunches and such this week. I was very upset today and he did his best to handle me the best as he could.
    Summary of my Day

    I’ve been at this for nearly two straight weeks. Nothing looks good other than on my computer. Responsiveness on phones and tablets will have to come at a later time… for now, this is going to have to do.

    I have to get back into blogging. I have no other choice because I seriously need this therapy. At this point, because of the amount of information I’m placing in here it may or may not be private or password protected completely.

    Testing the entry itself to see how everything turns out. I’m not worried about perfection as much as I am the completion.

    Today has been absolutely insane in turns for my rollercoaster of hormones overload that is currently happening. A lot of productivity with chores and some working on this to get it done.

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